Social Outreach

Queen’s Closet

What is it?

A clothing closet of formal wear with over 200 dresses and gowns, plus tuxedos, shoes, and other accessories.

Where is it?

It is located on the second floor of the small house (Guild House) behind St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (600 S 3rd St., Hamilton).

When is it open?

The hours vary seasonally. Call for an appointment: Mary 360-6279 or Ruth Anne 706-594-2302

How does it work?

Try on the formal wear in our dressing room. Select what you would like to “rent.” Put down a deposit of $5.00 and take the outfit home. Return it after your event and receive your deposit back.

Who can use it?

Any person in the Valley in need of formal wear.

Call for an appointment:

Mary 360-6279 or Ruth Anne 706-594-2302

*For a refundable deposit of $5 anyone in the Valley can “rent” one of our 200+ dresses, gowns and tuxedos.*


In January of 2006 the second floor of St. Paul’s Guild House was converted into a dress shop.  At the beginning, with approximately 100 originally donated dresses, there was more of an overstuffed attic feel; however, in 2015, with the help of some other community members, it was converted into an inviting space with a “boutique” atmosphere. Over the years, the inventory has grown to well over 200 gowns, dresses and tuxedos. Several years ago when a local dress shop was going out of business, the store owner donated about 85 gowns and dresses to the cause. There are also shoes, jewelry and other items to complete the ensembles. We have reached the stage where donations are not as desperately needed for dresses, but tuxedos and suits are still welcomed. What hasn’t changed is the cost. Young people, and adults, can rent a dress or tuxedo for a deposit of $5.00. When the dress or tuxedo is returned, the person receives their deposit back. 

Community Meals

*Community Meals every second Tuesday of the month – 280 Fairgrounds Rd*

The above photo shows members of St. Paul’s serving a recent Community Meal. Servers thoroughly enjoyed having some kids help with this meal! Over 60 meals were served that night to members of the Hamilton community.

St. Paul’s became involved with Community Meals about four years ago. We serve a free nutritious meal to the community every second Tuesday of the month. We continue to serve meals in a to-go fashion through drive-up service in an effort to keep everyone healthy and safe during the pandemic. The menu varies from pork tenderloin to casseroles, but we always try our best to provide a delicious and balanced meal. Our meals are served in drive-up fashion at 280 Fairgrounds Rd. (Cornerstone Bible Church).