Vestry Minutes

September 1st, 2022

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting August 15, 2022

Members present: Gretchen Strohmaier, Rob Thomas, Jen Carmody, Gary Andrews, Roy Grant,
Absent: Alana Cruse

Minutes will be posted
Opening Prayer lead by Roy from the Book of Common Prayer
Roy asked Jen to sign the “Assessment Acknowledgment Form” for the diocese
Minutes from July meeting were approved and signed.
Treasurer’s report: The church is doing fine with pledges at the moment. Through July our
income and expenditures are doing well and as expected according to our budget. We have
several charities per month (CASA for July, Hope Project for August). We need to acknowledge
those charities somehow in a service. July was good regarding income, so we did not need to use
carry-over funds. We have about $21,000 in savings. We took out $10,000 for carry-over in the
checking in June. We have not had to use it. Rob did move the $500 for Gretchen’s discretionary
fund. We have some funds for expenses that we may not need, like the Diocese convention in
Missoula. Because the convention is in Missoula, people won’t need to stay which will save
some of that $700. In August we have spent more money than that of July, but we are still doing
well. The outreach money for Borderland Ministry goes out in October.
Roy moved that any contributions from birthday or anniversary should go to The Little Free
Pantry. Gary seconded. It passed.
Roy also moved to approve the treasurer’s report. Jen seconded it. Motion passed to approve the

Junior Warden report (Alana is absent): none
Rector’s Report: Gretchen highlighted the fact that things feel very solid at St. Paul’s. There are
some awesome things going on: Jocelyn’s success in starting seminary, the deacons are almost
done, the Little Free Pantry, and we have new people stepping up into leadership roles. Gretchen
also now has a system in place for new people: sign a new book with phone number and
addresses. Then, she will send a card or give a call to extend the welcome. Rob will add names to
membership lists as they give permission.

Gretchen would like to think a “little bit bigger.” Maybe we need to think about a full-time priest
eventually…? And! Some other ideas to grow our congregation: deliver groceries to help spread
the word about the pantry. We could also take candy to our neighbors to support the Halloween
attendance. We could also invite our neighbors to our services.
Senior Warden: The lawn is looking great. Tom Schmit has been mowing. We have an audit with
Barbara Olin. They may need to use the church’s computer to finish. They must keep a copy and
not just send it to the Diocese. Convention is in Missoula and Deb Andrews and Barbara Olin will be our representatives. Gretchen will reach out to them for registration. Roy is signing a lot
of check for the double signatures.

Roy led a discussion about stewardship. We are concerned about the use of the carry-over funds
that will eventually run out. We must increase contributions somehow. Last year Alana and Jen
wrote a stewardship letter. We need something additionally for next year. Gretchen shared some
of the ideas from Holy Spirit. They ask at Christmas and Easter for an additional gift. We have
done a few different fund-raising ideas: capital campaign, online donations, building
improvement, etc. We need new ideas. Jen mentioned a fund-raising event just for St. Paul’s.
Maybe a steak-fry, a pig roast, or some sort of community event. We could also do an “estate”
campaign from people who have passed that could leave money for St. Paul’s in their will. And
then we need to think about how to communicate to members in the pews to make them aware of
the need for St. Paul’s financially. We need a stewardship committee to spearhead the
fundraising. There would be several components for that committee: communication, events,
budgeting, etc. We need to move up the pledge letters to make the budget for the coming year a
bit more predictable. Possible committee members would be, Gary Andrews, Jen Carmody, Tom
Schmit, Rob Thomas, Terry Moran, etc. Gretchen will contact future members to begin
brainstorming financial growth possibilities. We can include that we believe we will have a 7%
increase in our expenses.

We have a St. Paul’s picnic will be from 3-5 on September, 11 th at the Hiker’s cabin at Lake
Como. It will be a potluck. We will get specific directions from Marie Antonioli.
The sound system is still not quite working, but it’s going to eventually happen!
Alana Cruse would like to do a Family Fun night including dinner, crafts, Godly Play story, etc.
on the last Wednesday of every month during the school year.
River Service and the Blessing of the Animals is coming.
Next Vestry meeting will be Monday, September 19 th at 4:00.
Closing Prayer: Gretchen Strohmaier
Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Carmody Rob Thomas
Clerk Senior Warden (substitute for Roy Grant)