Vestry Minutes

March 27, 2022

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting, Hamilton, Montana

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Annual Meeting:

Attending in person:

Gretchen Strohmaier Dutch and Linda Brewer, Paul and Lynda Nelson, Clay and Alana Cruse, Roy Grant, Rob Thomas, Gary and Deb  Andrews, Jocelyn Snider, Barbara Olin, Ron Uemura, Mary Lyn, Jennifer Hammond, Ruth Anne Wilson-Jones, Kathy Milne, Betsy Gleason 

Set up for Facebook. 

Opening prayer at 10:40. 

Meeting was called to order.

Minutes from 2021 annual meeting were read. 

Rector’s report:


Roy  Grant will remain as senior Warden

Alana will fill the Junior Warden position. She is also the new Building and Grounds person.

Jen Carmody will be the new Clerk.

Rob Thomas will continue as Treasurer. 

Gary Andrews acclaimed as new vestry member.

Paul and Betsy are rotating off.

The Convention is in Missoula September 30 – October 2. Delegates will be Barbara Olin and Deb Andrews. Alternate is Mary Lyn.

Audit Committee members were  Barbara, Terry and Marion Dial. They are required to report to the diocese.  

Senior Warden Roy Grant thanked Gretchen for leadership and read his report.

Junior Warden. Paul has been blessed to be part of vestry. The church building is 125 years old and needs to be maintained. Thanks to Rob and Roy for maintaining the lawn. There was a kneeler work party with pizza. Drew Carmody is helping to get the kneelers repaired and installed as his Senior Project. Marcus replaced the heat pump in the Guild House at a lowered price. The locks were changed on the church and guild house. Thank you everyone for all you do to make this church beautiful.

Community Meals. We average 65 meals per service. They are all to-go due to Covid. Thanks to volunteers and Rob the bread man.

Ruth Anne:

Outreach. The envelopes in back are marked for each month’s charity. That money is in addition to that budgeted by the Vestry. We are small but mighty. The groups we donate to have changed but the amount of money budgeted is the same. Outreach committee includes Kathy, Jennifer and Mary along with Ruth Anne. 

Worship committee: Jocelyn presented. We have services each Sunday and Monday Morning Prayer. Wednesday Centering Prayer is moving entirely online. During Lent, we offered online Compline weekly.

Alana, Paul and Jocelyn have helped a great deal due to deaconry process. Thank you to Ruth Ann, Roy and Mary Lynn who  helped in the discernment committee. 

Treasurer’s Report:

We are in great shape financially. We received excess pledges in 2021. Pledges for 2022 are up. We used half of carry-over funds in 2021. We paid off the Faber Loan, replaced keys/locks, bought a grill and awning and painted the interior of the Guild House. All kitchen and bathroom supplies are donated. We all contribute bits and pieces.

Roy commented that Rob comes to the church several times a week and is the best treasurer in the diocese. 

Gretchen mentions how when she comes to Hamilton, the Guild House has been updated and stocked.

Roy presented the Budget. We project a small deficit for 2022 with Vestry approval, and are comfortable with this. We are raising Gretchen’s pay to help cover health insurance. We are adding a scholarship for a student from Corvallis or Hamilton who is a first generation college student; details need to be worked out. 

Volunteer Wish List. Gretchen has a list of jobs she would like help with. We are also looking for volunteers to read the lessons.

Thank you to Paul and Betsy for serving on vestry. Thank you to Alter Guild: Kathy, Shirley and Paul. Thank you to Kathy and everyone for putting on the auction last summer. Thank you to all who help with supplies, maintenance, and everything else to keep this going. 

Gretchen stated that St Paul’s is clearly where God wants her to be. 

Closing prayer at 11:25.

Respectfully submitted:

Betsy Gleason    `                    Roy Grant    Clerk                            Senior Warden