Vestry Minutes

April 17th, 2023

 Members present: Gretchen Strohmaier, Rob Thomas, Jen Carmody, Gary Andrews

Minutes will be posted.

Silent Prayer opened by Roy Grant.

Our meeting began with a guest from A2Z Personnel, Katherine Braun, who explained the role that A2Z could play in helping with payroll for a few of our employees regarding taxes and other payroll issues.  We would have the non-profit rate with a monthly fee to sustain annually. It covers everything from insurance to mileage to taxes. Typically it costs a non-profit more money (approximately ⅓ more per year) to do this process themselves. It depends on how much we pay the employee that would create our cost plan. (see attachment of proposed “Client Billing Rate Agreement”). This service would also help with direct deposit and any other custom services we would need. A2Z would curtail our needs to their services. Rob had many good questions regarding their services. The vestry will read and discuss the options to use A2Z for our payroll needs. 

Minutes from the February meeting were read. There was a small discussion from the minutes regarding the “outreach” funds versus “Priest discretionary funds.” There were no changes or corrections. Gretchen moved to accept the minutes. Gary seconded. Motion passed. 

Treasurer’s report: Special Easter appeal was $2,700, which helped our deficit significantly and was up 43% past our Christmas appeal. These types of special gifts help with operational expenses with our church. Several members have paid their pledges ahead. January through March our expenses were $17,000 and our income was $19,000. Right now we have $20,761 in our checking account. Rob suggested moving $7,000 back into savings. The vestry agreed.  There is also a strange proportional dispensation of funds on the budget from projected outreach ($900 on one line and $100 in the monthly opportunities and the same goes for the Priest’s discretionary fund). There was a donation for $101.00 for the scholarship. Those funds will be considered as part of funding for the $1000 scholarship. Roy moved and Gretchen seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Rob is working to get the bank to approve check signers. Rob suggested that our check signers could be members who are geographically nearby. The vestry needs to approve the members and then for the bank, those check signers must fill out all the various bank forms. Roy moved to accept Paul Nelson, Roy Grant, Elizabeth Gleason, Alana Cruse, and Rob Thomas. Jen seconded. Motion passed. This way we have enough individuals for secondary signers for the diocese. 

Our insurance is going up from $3100 to $3300 in the next year. 

Soroptomists gave us $500 for the little free pantry as well as food. 

Rector’s Report: Gretchen reported that she had a great week off and feels excited to be back. Holy Week was really fun. Clergy conference is this week. Gretchen will be at Camp Marshall for two days this week. Holy Spirit Priest is going on a 6 month sabbatical. That may mean some reorganizing for Holy Spirit, but it will not change anything about the hours Gretchen is with St. Paul’s.  

Senior Warden report: Roy Grant reported that there were no calls for emergency during Gretchen’s week off. Holy Week was a huge success.

Junior Warden report: Gary and Debbie Andrews cleaned the whole upstairs of the church. The flies are still a concern. There are fewer after we have Bug Off come to spray indoors and outdoors. We do have some money in the maintenance budget to cover bug spraying. We will wait and see if we need to spray. It’s about time to mow the grass. Roy will get the mowers maintained and check batteries. Tom Schmit, Rob Thomas, and Roy Grant all took turns last summer. Tom Schmit also knows how to run the sprinklers. Gary will contact Tom about yard maintenance. We will also put it in the bulletin for extra yard-mowers. 

Discussion items: 

-We are only using about 30% of our hymnal.

-The post office box switch to our mailbox seems to be going well.

-After discussing A2Z costs and the services A2Z provides, the vestry decided we do not need to spend the money for their extensive services. Jen suggested that we hire an accountant or look to our own congregation to help with accounting services. Gretchen will be making some phone calls regarding our own congregation. 

-Gretchen revisited our list of ideas and needs from the vestry retreat. We discussed newcomers and the idea of offering some bread to newcomers. Jen will contact some members to see if they would be willing to bake and freeze some bread. 

-We also discussed the idea of having a healing/forgiveness service annually. Kathy Milne would like to have a service with special prayers. 

-Gretchen brought that we still may want some special attention on certain aspects for goals regarding our surveys and calls. She also mentioned that we tend more of the spiritual leadership with Vestry and not just the “nuts and bolts” of our church.

-Roy would like to discuss the heating maintenance as well as other big ticket items for the church. Roy also mentioned a spring clean-up day perhaps in May. 

-Rob would like to donate $20 to the DFMS- Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. We all agreed.  

Next Vestry meeting will be May 15th, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

Closing Prayer: Gretchen led us in a closing prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Carmody                                               Roy Grant

Clerk                                                           Senior Warden