St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting May 22, 2022

Members present: Gretchen Strohmaier, Rob Thomas, Jen Carmody, Gary Andrews, Paul Nelson (sitting in for Roy), Ruth Anne Wilson-Jones (to speak about the St. Paul’s Scholarship)

Minutes will be posted

Opening Prayer lead by Gretchen

Ruth Ann reported about the scholarship given to Cheyenne London of Hamilton High School. She is going to the University of Arizona, and she is a first generation college student. She is majoring in cyber security. She is a driven young woman without a supportive family, and we feel excited to help her in her college education. The scholarship committee has learned that we need to give our scholarship packets out much sooner than March of the school year. We will be sure to do it in January of the future years. The committee learned a lot about the application process and we will NOT require a FAFSA report in the future, just a financial statement. The FAFSA report is extensive and for first generation students. The committee designed a rubric to help scoring for selection. We only had three applicants this year. Jen Carmody will be presenting the award to Cheyenne London at the HHS during the awards ceremony on May 23rd. We would like to honor her and Drew Carmody for graduation. We will take Drew and Cheyenne to lunch with the Vestry on June 13th. We will have an announcement in the next few services.

Treasurer’s report: Only 72% of our pledges came in during April (although we had a good Easter) . We might have to withdraw from the savings account to cover expenses. We also had higher expenses. We will have to use up our carry-over funds. Some people might need reminders of what they pledged. We have currently approximately $31,000 in savings. Summer is typically difficult financially for churches. It costs $6,300 a month to run the church, and then we have other expenses. All expenses are going up: phone, trash, water, utilities. We could send an update to all members about the financial concerns.  We are quite frugal, and still, our expenses are many. “Shoulder to Shoulder” ideas now. We can send a sensitive email to spread the word. 

We also had some extra expenses like Easter flowers as well as donations. We also had a big insurance payment. T

Gary Moved and Gretchen seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Junior Warden report (Alana is absent): Tom Schmidt is mowing regularly right now and he is coordinating the future lawn care for the summer.

Rector’s Report: 

-Down the road we may need to have a “stewardship” committee. 

-It was $130 to move the baptismal font. We decided not to move it at this time.

-Check signature process- Paul is a consistent signer.

-Women’s retreat was a success- 4 women from St. Paul’s and many from Holy Spirit. 

-We have a donation of a structure for the “Little Free Pantry” to make it bigger.

-We will have the computer to run the new sound system. Gretchen ordered the computer. All the parts are at Jeremiah Snyder’s until the computer comes in, and then we will be installing the new system.

-The diversity service is coming on June 13th at 7:00 pm. with Faith Lutheran, Corvallis Methodist, and the Presbyterian Church has elected not to officially sponsor. Their rector IS participating but they don’t want to be an official sponsor. All four pastors will be participating with the service in each of their own style. Gretchen will be doing the sermon. The collection plate will all go to PFLAG. It will be a diverse service. Kristin Hoenstine’s daughter designed a flyer for us.

-Big things coming! June 5th is Pentacost and June 13th Diversity service.

-August 14th may be a good date for the church picnic at Hiker’s Cabin. Jen Carmody will talk to Marie Antoniolo about reserving that date with the forest service.

Senior Warden: no report today

Next Vestry meeting will be on Monday, June 13 10:30 AM before the lunch with Drew Carmody and Cheyenne London.

Closing Prayer: Gretchen Strohmaier

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Carmody Rob ThomasClerk Senior Warden (substitute for Roy Grant)